27 March 2020

Official response concerning Maxtec operations during the government- imposed lockdown

Dear Partners

The spread of the Corona virus is manifesting a growing impact on our communities and business environments. Like your and other organizations, we are monitoring information from our government and planning for business continuity in changing scenarios.

Most of our staff have been working from home for some time now, apart from order fulfilment staff, who worked very long hours to receive and deliver stock before the lockdown, which was imposed at midnight, 26 March 2020.

Owing to the announcement of the country-wide lockdown, we are no longer working from our offices for the duration of the lockdown. However, all our staff remain on duty and we continue to operate within the boundaries of the government-imposed lockdown.

Furthermore, we confirm that Maxtec has been registered with CIPC as an essential service provider. This allows Maxtec to ONLY provide essential services to other essential service companies/institutions.

IT DOES NOT GRANT MAXTEC THE RIGHT TO PRACTISE BUSINESS AS USUAL Please see: https://www.gov.za/Coronavirus/essential-services


Technical Support & RMA

We have an emergency response team on standby to assist our partners with onsite support. We can also assist with swop out and the delivery of RMA hardware, but only to essential service companies / institutions as listed on the link provided above.

These essential service companies must present Maxtec with a CIPC certificate confirming their essential service status in order to facilitate a RMA and the delivery of the RMA.

We can assist non-essential service companies with telephone support.

In either case, always start with logging a ticket at: msupport@maxtec.co.za Then call 0860 M A X T E C

Software Orders (Renewals & Licenses)

During the lockdown and any extension of the lockdown, Maxtec will continue to accept purchase orders from partners for renewals and any form of license or software product.

Delivery of license keys / contracts will be within 48 business hours.

Hardware Orders

During the lockdown and any extension of the lockdown, Maxtec will continue to place hardware orders, subject to:

  • –  Rate of Exchange (ROE) fluctuations as per Maxtec’s standard terms & conditions
  • –  availability of flights

Explanation to disclaimer on fluctuations of ROE

It remains an unknown as to whether government will extend the lock down after 16 April, should the efforts to contain the pandemic, not be successful. Furthermore, shipping can only be confirmed by our freight forwarder, based on the availability of flights.
(We do not ship by sea)

Prior to the lockdown, Maxtec would purchase FEC’s (forward exchange contracts) on the day a purchase order is received from our partner.

We are no longer able to do this during lockdown. We can now only purchase a FEC based on the availability of flights. Should the ROE fluctuate significantly between the date of receipt of purchase orders and the date of confirmed flight availability, Maxtec will have no choice but to adapt our quote/pricing to the latest ROE.

In conclusion

Our relationship with you, our partners, is important. This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and we ask that you remain connected with us. We are committed to service our business partners and if there is a way to be found within the current boundaries presented to us all, we will find it.

Stay safe and best wishes to you and your loved ones,


The Directors of Maxtec

Praven Pillay – Managing Director
Christine Nel – Commercial Director
Morné Nel – Financial Director
Visha Gokaldas – Director: HR & Governance