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We are distributors of market leading technologies that are trusted around the globe by major players in the IT Industry. We supply the South African and SADC IT Industry with advanced Security Fabric from Fortinet, Intelligent Broadband from Allot, Vulnerability Management from Tenable, SSL/TLS certification from Sectigo, Network Defence as a Service from Cyglass, Scattered Data Protection from ItsMine, and Secure Cloud Backup from Acronis.

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Keeping ahead of the curve

The influence of the mobility explosion, and the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary access layer, the efficiencies of security services, and the decentralisation of the corporate office through secure home access, micro-branches and partnering, are the trends forcing enterprises to re-evaluate their networks.

Maxtec’s solutions and wealth of experience, address these trends and technologies and help to enhance productivity, while reducing cost and complexity.

We push hard against the lid of the traditional pick, pack and shipper and therefore we have adopted a solution selling strategy. We pride ourselves on being the trusted adviser, a true solutions provider, valued for our opinion. We take a wider view of customer’s needs and how they will be changing in the future.


Maxtec was established in 1986 and has evolved its offering from the provision of PC storage solutions, to reliable and accessible data storage, to that of a complete IT equipment, services and solutions provider to technology users across the business spectrum.


We have a deep rooted understanding of the industry, enabling us to identify leading new products and technologies for introduction to the South African market long before they reach maturity.This has resulted in our ability to consistently evolve our solution set in line with market demand.

Go Beyond

We never stop looking for the best solution. We understand our clients – that’s our focus, and we find ways through the problems they face. We don’t give up easily; if there’s a way, we’ll find it. We will tackle a client’s challenges as if they were our own and aim to build enduring relationships.


Grace under pressure, teamwork, consideration and humor are essential to the way we work. We think ahead and anticipate issues before they become problems. We apply our passion for solutions and our interest in the world at large for the benefit of clients, colleagues and the wider community.