Contera® by Arecont Vision® introduces a brand-new lineup of high-end megapixel (MP) IP cameras at an affordable price point. Contera brings in new advanced technologies such as H.265 compression with our brand new SNAPstream+™ bandwidth reduction technology, Smart IR LEDs with variable illumination, Enhanced WDR™ wide dynamic range up to 120dB, and an onboard storage capacity up to 256GB. New programmable features such as Defog technology can further enhance the quality of raw megapixel surveillance footage.

Contera IP cameras come in five distinct body styles to cover most project solution needs, including our unique installer-friendly dome housing design with the Contera Outdoor Dome, first introduced in our MegaDome® camera line. Contera IP cameras come with a choice of 1080p and 5MP resolutions at a full 30fps for all single sensor models, and 8MP or 20MP resolution with our 180°-view Contera Panoramic.

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The MicroBullet® series of megapixel cameras feature ultra-small cost-effective total PoE solutions for discrete surveillance applications where having a small bullet-style camera is ideal. At less than 7″ in length and less than 3″ in diameter, MicroBullet is one of the smallest quality-built megapixel bullet cameras, and features SNAPstream™ (Smart Noise Adaptation and Processing) technology, CorridorView™, built-in IR LED illumination, and models with enhanced wide dynamic range (WDR).

The MicroDome® series of megapixel cameras feature micro-sized cost-effective solutions for discrete surveillance applications. MicroDome Duo is perfect for a long hallway, corner of a room, or for an entrance of a building with its twin remote focus, user-configurable sensors. MicroDome G2 surface models feature IR LED illuminator options for stronger low light performance, and flush-mounted models are among the easiest to install cameras on the market. All MicroDome series cameras offer a low profile surveillance solution with multiple features and options to choose from.

MegaDome 4K by Arecont Vision® breaks new ground in 4K IP megapixel surveillance, featuring SNAPsteam™ technology to reduce bandwidth without impacting image quality and an innovative installer-friendly dome housing designed for faster and easier installation. This powerful indoor/outdoor camera features 8.3-megapixel (MP) resolution – 27-times the resolution of standard resolution cameras – and operates at a real-time 30fps and an impressive 60fps while in 1080p binning mode. With a motorized, P-iris remote focus and zoom lens and adjustable IR, MegaDome 4K is the dream 4K IP surveillance all-in-one dome camera installers and integrators have been waiting for.

MegaVideo Flex camera series offers a cost-effective security solution for installations that require a flexible, compact design. Due to its small footprint, the MegaVideo Flex easily fits into leading automated teller machines and tight spaces. These stylish indoor cameras feature a choice of 1.2MP, 1080p, 3MP, and 5-megapixel (MP) resolution options and a unique tethered USB cabling design that allows the camera to be mounted in one area while the main unit is mounted up to 40ft (12m) away.

Delivering revolutionary innovation with in-house design from the ground up, Arecont Vision® launched the world’s first quad-sensor 180° and 360° seemlessly-aligned panoramic megapixel IP cameras in 2006. The Arecont Vision® SurroundVideo® multi-sensor, multi-megapixel cameras can each replace multiple conventional or pan-tilt-zoom cameras. With numerous industry firsts and innovations in multi-sensor, multi-megapixel technology, Arecont Vision® SurroundVideo® remains the leader with our 5th generation joining the lineup.

Now in its fifth generation, the revolutionary MegaVideo® IP Megapixel Camera Series has been upgraded to include new features including CorridorView™, non-integer scaling, STELLAR™ technology, remote focus/zoom, p-iris lens functionality, and on-board storage. The MegaVideo® G5 Series is available as a single-sensor configuration in 1.2MP, 1080p, 3MP, 5MP, and 10MP resolutions. The 1.2MP model features the patented Arecont Vision® STELLAR™ (Spatio Temporal Low Light Architecture) low light technology.

The new MegaBall® G2 megapixel (MP) camera is an advanced, low-cost surveillance solution engineered inside an innovative 3-inch “ball-in-socket” design. This small-size camera is loaded with features, including groundbreaking STELLAR™ low light technology on 1.2MP models and Wide Dynamic Range options in 1080p and 3MP models. MegaBall G2 also features adjustable IR to modify LED intensity for the requirements of any scene, image down scaling, CorridorView™ for image rotation, and much more.

The MegaView® 2 IP megapixel (MP) camera family is loaded with features and options. MegaView 2 comes standard with IR, sunshield, and a junction box for quicker installation. With SNAPstream™ advanced compression algorithm, STELLAR™ low light technology, Wide Dynamic Range, image down scaling, and CorridorView™, MegaView 2 has an adaptation for almost any environment or scenario.

The MegaDome® G3 IP megapixel (MP) camera series is loaded with features and options inside a new industry-first installer-friendly housing design. MegaDome G3 cameras feature remote focus and zoom functionality with a P-iris lens and MegaDome G3 RS has complete “no-touch” remote setup with pan, tilt, focus, and zoom functionality. With SNAPstream technology for low bandwidth, groundbreaking STELLAR™ low light technology, Enhanced Wide Dynamic Range options, True Day/Night, IR, non-integer down scaling, and CorridorView™ features, MegaDome G3 series cameras deliver for almost any environment or scenario.

MegaVideo 4K by Arecont Vision® breaks new ground in 4K IP megapixel surveillance MegaVideo 4K features SNAPstream™ (Smart Noise Adaptation and Processing) technology to reduce bandwidth without impacting image quality and NightView™ for exceptionally strong low-light performance. This powerful camera deliveries 8.3-megapixel (MP) resolution – 27-times that of standard definition cameras. MegaVideo 4K operates at a real-time 30fps and an impressive 60fps while in 1080p binning mode. MegaVideo 4K has multiple powerful motorized remote focus and zoom, lens options with P-iris to choose from. IP67 outdoor-ready PoE bullet style housings are available. MegaVideo 4K is the dream 4K IP surveillance customizable camera installers and integrators have been waiting for.

SurroundVideo Omni series multi-sensor, multi-megapixel IP cameras deliver revolutionary flexibility and ample resolution for details in live and recorded video, available in 12- or 20-megapixel (MP) resolutions. Featuring a revolutionary omni track design with four individual, independently configured sensors, a single SurroundVideo Omni series camera can replace multiple conventional cameras. Omni delivers the perfect field of view and zoom into multiple regions of interest. Arecont Vision leads the way with numerous industry firsts and innovations in multi-sensor, multi-megapixel technology, and continues to push these capabilities and technologies even further with the ever-versatile SurroundVideo Omni series.

The Arecont Vision Costar video surveillance solution is designed for traditional stand-alone video surveillance with ConteraVMS® video management system software, ConteraCMR® cloud managed recorders, & both ConteraIP and MegaIPcameras. Adding ConteraWS® web services brings the synergy of local and cloud-based video surveillance.

The Arecont Vision Total Surveillance Solution powered by Contera delivers the fusion of Arecont Vision ConteraIP and MegaIP cameras with modern video management system software, a selection of advanced NVRs and recorders, and powerful cloud based management.

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Industry Leading Technology

Arecont Vision® leads the way in megapixel video. Our products are designed and built in the U.S.A., and leverage our cutting-edge features and technologies. Explore this page to learn about the thinking behind the best megapixel cameras in the video surveillance industry, and the features and capabilities that our cameras deliver.

Quality Megapixel Resolution

Arecont Vision® megapixel technology delivers superior image quality, increases video coverage, and reduces overall system costs by covering larger areas with fewer cameras. Catching a suspect or car involved in a crime or incident often comes down to the clarity in which a surveillance camera captures a face or license plate. Arecont Vision can dramatically reduce the number of cameras required for projects while increasing image clarity and situational awareness coverage.

Extreme Lighting Conditions

Video surveillance is a 24-hour per day operation. Maintaining a clear and detailed visual through fluctuating lighting conditions can be challenging. Arecont Vision offers several industry technologies to deal with the harshest of lighting environments from intense backlight to low light and no light conditions.

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Easy Installation

Speeding up the installation process positively affects the total cost of ownership. Arecont Vision offers a number of innovative housing designs and features in both our Mega and Contera series that aid in creating a faster and easier installation experience as well as a precise camera setup.