Symantec is partnering with Allot, to offer a transition from PacketShaper products to equivalent Allot products

PacketShaper Products to be EOL 

PacketShaper Product Model Bandwidth Spec Levels Header
PS-S200 BW Control Appliance 10ML, 50ML, 100ML, 100MH, 250MH, 500MH
PS-S400 BW Control Appliance 250MH, 500MH, 1GH, 2GH
PS-S500 BW Control Appliance 2GH, 5GH, 10GH
PC-S200 Policy Center Management All device levels for PolicyCenter (central management solution for PacketShaper)page2image61498368page2image61498752 page2image61498944page2image61492416


Why should I replace my PacketShaper with Allot SSG, Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform?

With this replacement you will retain network efficiency with all existing visibility and control functionalities, and you will gain additional key capabilities such as:

  • Superior performance of up to 150 Gbps throughput & 600,000 policies in one device for easy scalability of all IT and network needs.
  • Centralized management including provisioning of policies to distributed deployments for improved productivity through reduction of duplicated efforts.
  • Service assurance with embedded inbound and outbound DDoS protection to safeguard reputation and business critical applications.
  • TCP optimization to mitigate latency and maximize Quality of Experience (QoE).
  • Web security with Secure Web Gateway services such as URL filtering and antimalware.


EOL Guidance

The EOS will be effective March 31st, 2020. Given the change in strategy, we recommend that you evaluate and consider the Allot products as a viable alternative. EOL is March 31st, 2022 and is subject to the EOL Policy which can be found at

  • As an existing PacketShaper customer, and to protect your privacy, you are directed to contact Allot and register your information if you have interest in the recommended solution from Allot. To register your information <Click Here>.
  • After you have registered your information, Allot will contact you immediately to discuss compelling commercial and technical options for a successful transition from Symantec PacketShaper products to Allot equivalent products.
  • You must have a current support entitlement contract for your PacketShaper appliances to be eligible for special programs or incentives offered by Allot as part of this program.
  • Symantec, with the assistance from Allot, will help you as a current PacketShaper customer during this transition.
  • If you have a preferred partner, please have them contact Maxtec, your PacketShaper partner will have the option to register with Allot. Symantec is committed to the partnership with Allot, to ensure that customers and their businesses are effective in the management of traffic in their current and future, evolving networks. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us at