Out with the old and in with the new!

Displace a Competing Technology with a Fortinet 400E or higher and get back 7.5% on your deal.

Get an application-centric, scalable, and secure solution for mid-sized to large enterprises deployed at the campus or branch level. Displace competing products with this attractive offer and protect against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable, and easy to deploy solution.

FortiGate NGFW delivers high-speed networking, increased scalability, and optimised performance features. Enterprises and service providers can manage all of their security risks with the industry’s best-of-breed IPS, SSL inspection, and threat protection.

Bolt on any of these products and receive the same 7.5% back on your total order:

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Once you have received your quote, you will need to fill in your Displacement form here.

Return displaced hardware to receive your rebate.

Eligible solutions:

FortiGate 400E
FortiGate 500E
FortiGate 400E
FortiGate 600E
FortiGate 800D
FortiGate 900D
FortiGate 1000D
FortiGate 1100E

FortiGate 1200D
FortiGate 1500D
FortiGate 1800F
FortiGate 2000E
FortiGate 2500E
FortiGate 3000D
FortiGate 3100D
FortiGate 3200D

FortiGate 3300E
FortiGate 3400E
FortiGate 3600E
FortiGate 3700D
FortiGate 3800D
FortiGate 3960E
FortiGate 3980E
FortiGate 4200F

FortiGate 4400F
FortiGate 6500F
FortiGate 6300F
FortiGate 5001E
FortiGate 7030E
FortiGate 7040E
FortiGate 7060E

Terms & Conditions:

– Valid for displacement of NGFW (new generation firewalls) with Fortinet FG-400E and larger
– Units to be replaced to be recorded at onset of transaction (Brand, Model and Serial Number)
– Units to be replaced to be delivered to Maxtec’s offices in Fourways, JHB within 3 (three) months of Maxtec Invoice date
– The rebate of 7,5% will only be passed on receipt of displaced units
– The rebate of 7,5% will be passed by way of a credit note passed on the account of the partner
– No cash rebates will be passed
– Displacement drive starts 15 November 2020 and end 31 December 2021
– Displacement rebates cannot be used in conjunction with existing rebate programmes, where applicable