Stop the most attacks in their tracks

Imperva is the fastest at detecting and protecting your apps and APIs anywhere with no hidden costs

Imperva is the expert extension of your security team, whenever you need it but without the extra cost.


of sites deployed in less than one day

Most trusted solution with the highest accuracy and effective ruleset that customers do not need to tune.


of Imperva customers deploy in blocking mode

Best of breed, single vendor solution to secure every application in your enterprise.


support for on-premises, hybrid, and SaaS

Data security, anywhere

Data security platform built for business value

Imperva Data Security Fabric protects critical workloads and ensures compliance in highly-regulated industries across hybrid and multi cloud environments at any scale, including through digital transformation.

Gain control over hundreds of data stores types at any scale.


of automation and response integrations

Imperva Data Security Fabric maximizes ROI through business capabilities that meet a broad range of customer needs, both current and future, seamlessly integrating with features and products from our Technology Alliance Program.


reduction in total data protection footprint

Imperva Data Security Fabric elevates IT security expertise to bolster data security confidence with the most comprehensive sensitive data protection across the entire data estate.


reduction in alert volume

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    Web Application Firewall

    Instantly secure applications from the latest threats

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    Advanced Bot Protection

    Identify and mitigate the most sophisticated bad bot

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    API Security

    Discover shadow APIs and the sensitive data they handle

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    DDos Protection

    Secure all assets at the edge with guaranteed uptime

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    Client-Side Protection

    Visibility and control over third party JavaScript code

  • null

    Runtime Protection

    Secure workloads from unknown threats and vulnerabilities

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    Serverless Protection

    Uncover security weaknesses on server less environments

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    Attack Analytics

    Complete visibility into your latest attacks and threats

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    Data Security Fabric

    Reduce complexity and improve agility

    • Protect against data exposure and avoid breaches
    • Simplify data-centric security, compliance, and governance
    • Unify the view and gain insights to at-risk data and users
    • Supervise Zero Trust posture and policy enforcement
    • Save time and money with automation and workflows
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    Cloud Data Security

    Imperva delivers fast, simple, and powerful SaaS-based data posture management and protection for AWS and Azure managed database services.

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    DDoS Protection

    DDoS Protection service that works

    • Instant attack notificationsMail, SMS, and mobile app
    • Easy monitoringNetwork traffic and application analytics
    • Uncover the real threatsLayer 3/4 and Layer 7 event correlation via Attack Analytics
    • Integration with your SIEMWorks seamlessly with the leading SIEMs
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    Content Delivery Network

    Accelerate dynamic and static content delivery

    Imperva’s global CDN uses advanced caching and optimization techniques to improve connection and response speeds while lowering bandwidth costs.

    Imperva not only makes your websites faster and more reliable, but also safer – due to our fully-integrated Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) platform that safeguards your site from the latest threats.

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    Waiting Room

    Always be available for your customers

    Waiting Room lets you to set a threshold for incoming visitors to your site and when that number is exceeded visitors are routed to a virtual holding space which is handled on a First-In/First-Out basis.

    This means that your website remains online and customers are not put off by ‘site unavailable’ messages which may even encourage them to go elsewhere.

    Instead, they are simply placed into a virtual Waiting Room where they will be presented with their estimated wait time.

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