ITsMine gives you 360° of Control with Agentless DLP

With ITsMine you can continuously track your scattered data’s location, anywhere: on-premise, on personal devices and in the cloud – with File-GPS™ beacons, transparently embedded into all your sensitive files

Key Features of ITsMine

  • Transparently track scattered data’s location, anywhere, with FILE-GPS™ which constantly “calls home” and reports on a file’s whereabouts
  • Unique dashboard displaying location and risk level of monitored data
  • Consistent data security controls across all data storage applications (including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, NetApp and any Windows/Linux file storage)

Malicious Behavior Remediation

Detect both internal and external data breaches and abnormal use of company data by planting SoftwareMines™ (advanced virtual sensors) in critical areas. Obtain forensic evidence on internal offenders by deploying disposable agents on suspicious endpoints

Key Features

  • Prevent data breaches by planting SoftwareMines™ in sensitive locations adjacent to files that need protection
  • Detect external attackers by detecting SoftwareMines™ “detonations” (unexpected access or opening of files) in critical areas
  • Automatic deployment of disposable agents on suspicious endpoints

Employee-Centric Protection

Engage employees in your data protection efforts by using integrated Data Security Awareness Training Campaigns and avoiding unnecessary access to data

Key Features

  • Integrates training campaigns educating in real-time on safe use of necessary data only
  • Dashboard with clear metrics presenting the progress of the Data Protection Awareness Campaigns in your organization
  • Integrates mechanisms to collaboratively (with consent) remove employees’ unnecessary access to data

Use Cases

Supporting your subcontractors/ guests

Controlled sharing of sensitive data accessed by 3rd party entities – with options to monitor, time-limit and restrict data access as needed

Moving to the Cloud

Maintain your high security standards regardless of whether your data is located in on-prem or cloud-based file systems

Meeting your regulatory requirements

Hassle-free compliance to data protection regulations, from GDPR, CCPA, PCI to HIPPA, with access control options to sensitive data, data breach detection and clear reporting options

Working from home is the new normal

Empower employees’ full productivity while controlling usage and whereabouts of your sensitive data

Enterprise Data Protection Just Got a Whole Lot Better

No painful installations​

Proactively prevent breaches

No classifications needed

Control your data everywhere

Empower employees

Easy regulatory compliance

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