Secure the hybrid workforce

Unified SASE is a comprehensive Cloud-centric SASE solution to secure the hybrid workforce with the same underlying OS, AI-powered services, unified agent, management and experience monitoring. Unified SASE secures all users, devices and edges, including micro-branches for the best flexibility for organizations, with disparate architectures and requirements.

Unified SASE – More Than Secure Access


Zero-trust Policy Enforcement

A unified agent for Universal ZTNA, vulnerability management, streamlined network and security architecture, and FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services enables consistent policies, endpoint protection, and secure access.

Application Security

Seamless integration with leading cloud providers and the Fortinet Security Fabric, Unified SASE, FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services, and automation enables API protection and comprehensive full-stack cloud security. This includes context-rich actionable insights and analytics to mitigate threats.


End-to-end Visibility

Comprehensive visibility across users, networks, applications, and the cloud lets you correlate performance data, respond to incidents, and expedite issue remediation.

Accelerated Performance

Hardware-based acceleration with purpose-built ASICs delivers the highest networking and security performance, resilience, and scalability to bolster the digital transformation journey.

Centralized Orchestration

Centrally managed and orchestrated networking and security policies, streamlined cloud security operations, and prioritized remediation and mitigation of risks increase IT-team productivity, enhance network uptime, and improve ROI.

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