Orca Security Overview

Meet Alice. Alice deploys Orca in less than five minutes so she can get work-load level security and visibility across 100% of her public cloud environment.


Meet Alice, an IT security professional at a fast-growing organization that leverages cloud computing to quickly deliver new capabilities to internal and external customers.


Alice’s co-workers are happy. The cloud allows them to deliver better and faster results. Alice, however, is not. She’s responsible for securing the organization’s cloud assets, but she can’t see them. She deployed security agents and network scanners, suffering a tedious integration process only to reach a small fraction of the assets. She attempted first-generation cloud security posture managers, but they couldn’t provide visibility inside the assets.


Being unable to secure them without delaying her colleagues’ work frustrates her. Alice thought to herself, “There must be a better way to do this. A solution that will deliver comprehensive and seamless visibility into all of our cloud inventory. I need to see not just what we have, but also all of the risks, vulnerabilities, compromised assets, and misconfigurations. And I have to get this done without impacting performance or availability, and without all of the headaches of per asset integration.”


Using Orca’s patent-pending Orca SideScanning technology, Alice has all of that. It takes less than five minutes to integrate the Orca Cloud visibility platform and the technology automatically discovers and performs full-stack scanning of all of her assets, and even provides her with a prioritized list of alerts across the environment.


Alice’s manager praises her for terminating a neglected asset that had been installed a few months ago, one that was easily breached due to lack of maintenance. Alice now feels great knowing that she has the means to support secure, high-velocity cloud growth in her organization.