This is the new Maxtec
Committed to innovation and growth
Ready for the future of data

We are a fast-paced, innovative operation and we want this to be displayed by building a new corporate identity.  Mass storage, sharing and the protection of information is the life blood of modern business. Our new identity and brand ethos portray a Maxtec that is all about stable, reliable data handling. We are future proof, and we want you to be as well.

To coincide with the new brand, on February 6th, 2017, we relocated to a more convenient office, at Monte Circle Office Park, Sandton. Our new location is opposite Montecasino and will provide us with 24 hour security, more parking and greater stock holding facilities, to accomodate our growth.

Our business remains dedicated to you. Our current product and service offerings remaining in-tact and our people revived and ready for a growing market.

We look forward to presenting the new Maxtec, and we thank you for your support.